you’re 9 war poetry critical essay common errors now in general the Asus were done really quite well it’s really quite impressed but the main thing you all need to improve on is answering the question the S is not just an opportunity to tell the examiner everything you know about the text that you’ve studied you’ll be lucky to get a pass at that especially IGCSE instead it’s an opportunity for you to use your AC rating skills and analysis skills to send to essentially usually analysis to answer the question that’s being asked if you don’t answer the question you can score very highly on it so to do this you need to really be using petal fully and properly making sure that each paragraph has a point has evidence in the form of a quote it mentioned two techniques were usually your evidence will be in the form of a technique you then analyze the evidence that you used to help you answer the point and then finally you link it back so for example wordsworth tells us that he wandered lonely as a cloud this suggests that Wordsworth feels that and you that he actually was a clothed himself he literally became a close therefore he embodies nature he became nature and him became one therefore that shows us how important nature is to worth worth so your point would be that worse worth uses a simile when he says and then the evidence I wondered lonely as a cloud which is a simile so you mentioned in your technique and then you analyze it seeing that by comparing himself to a clothed he is feeling that he literally is nature he is a completely out one with nature you can develop it and then see it’s interesting that for example he didn’t use a metaphor he’s not seeing he is he is a cloud he’s suggesting that he wandered lonely like a cloud which means that is not fully out one with nature it’s not fully the clothed himself but he remains half human half with nature and that’s really what it tells us that’s how close he is to nature he then linked him back to the question seeing this therefore it tells us there well she felt very closely linked to nature he wasn’t completely nature himself Isis Emily suggests so it’s using petal fully and properly you must know about and talk about your poetic techniques every single one of you must absolutely by your name nor your poetic so your your teyn know your poetic techniques inside out you cannot enter IGCSE not knowing your poetic techniques it’s as simple as that if you don’t know them there’s numerous praises and screencasts and they’d Model S grip that you can look at and you must learn them it’s as simple as that if you don’t know them you’re never gonna be able to talk about them and therefore you’re never going to do well at English you also need to develop your analysis more in-depth this is really important and many people don’t always think of as I’ll show you your denotation your first of all your connotation the first things that come into your head when you think about the image that you’re analyzing then your secondary connotation that really links it back to the question but you have to really think on two or three different levels really deeply about what you’re in for the quote that you’ve chosen to analyze all suggests you’ve also got to offer your own personal opinion this is absolutely essential you cannot do well at GCSE unless you give your own opinion this can quite simply be I found the raters use of personification very effective within their within conveying and whatever it is that the question is asking it’s really important that you do offer your own opinion it could be i found this metaphor effective because i phoned the rate or tutor personification intriguing because and it’s really just explaining why you found the poetic techniques so interesting your introduction should also rephrase and answer the question and then offer three main points of it really important you rephrase a question and try to answer it in your introduction you then see the three main points that you’re going to say in the rest of your of your of your AC again their praises and screencasts and critical AC rating so make sure that you have a look at am just to refresh your memory if you’re unsure remember also knowledge and the introduction you should mention poetic letter H features Reuter techniques and the theme that’s used throughout the text always mention the theme make sure that the rater knows I show the examiner knows that you understand what this texts about and finally embed in quotes you all need to improve embed in your courts i’ll explain that in a bit common spelling mistakes please take a note of these positive screencast taken notes and learn them I’ve put imagine twice because it’s super important that you learn to spell it because so many of you spell it badly it’s also important not to overuse the word imagine some of your user would imagine two or three times in a paragraph it’s too many times video word choice you must be doing that please make sure that you a copy these down and make sure you don’t make the mistakes again with and which for example where and where remember where as in donde is wher e where meaning as in as in the past tense is w.e r e please make sure you know how to spell all these words especially technique and image and imagine and rhetorical as well all the words okay commonly confused words again please pause the screencast here and take notes of these if you know that you make mistakes now I know some of the Spanish isn’t perfect in it but if you know that you get these mixed up please make sure that you make notes of them and you learn them so nothing and anything I’ve done anything wrong brushes I’ve done nothing wrong no one in nobody Neddy pretty much mean the same thing anyone here we go Kyle Kiara good Spanish mr. Gipp and nerdy and I said is anyone wanting to come to the park and so on okay we’ve also got being and Ben don’t get them mixed up being it is this day this as a as a state where it’s been means that you’ve been somewhere else please make sure that you’ve got these ones correctly worked out as well you’ve got any questions come and ask me and then on get constantly mixed up please make sure you don’t mix em up anymore you know how to use some Spanish just you some somewhere learn English and fail and feel it’s just our brain thing because it’s got double l and you get them confused with a double e meaning feel feel as a feeling fail as a past tense of to fall and also shoots the present tense and shot as a past tense okay make sure you use the raters full name so for example Wilfred Owen early on in your introduction it should really be one of the first things that you rate anthem for doomed youth by wilfred owen and so on after this don’t call them Wilfred or don’t go home Wilfred Owen again simply call them over time as a second name Owen and this is for all writers you can also use their name the word the poet or the author or the writer are the pronoun he make sure that you via your word choice to get your reader interested and if you’re adding more information to a point in a new sentence make sure that you started he or she also instead of just starting it with also let’s not a complete sentence when you’re quoting more than one line of poetry separate them with a slash and taken you Lane so for example here we’re passing bells for those who died is cattle then you see this lush only then want to stress anger of the guns and this here just lets the reader know exactly that the poor the poor the laser poetry or indifferent lanes otherwise you might look at this and think is it four lanes has a poet purposely rich meant like this what’s going on we’re sure this last you know that is two full-lengths again try to stop using lake so much it’s a really overused word try the words as f instead quite simply it’s a more mature and more formal so instead of saying it was like the main we’re animals ready for slaughter you could see it was as if the main were like were animals ready for slaughter ok finally always put a title of the text and inverted commas and capital letters capital e a for a capital d doomed and capital where youth and notice the inverted commas there by wilfred owen make sure that you put capital letters for all the mean words and our titles smaller words like ah they’re of and everything far and everything like that you don’t have to capitalize if it’s more than four letters stick a capital letter on it and always make sure the titles in inverted commas when you’re analyzing mention the technique and then explain the denotation primary connotation and secondary connotation of it thinking about the analysis pyramid finally embedding quotes everyone can improve on this stop seeing a quote which shows this is what passing bells for those who for these who died as cattle instead change that embed it into your rating make it sound more natural just simply seeing your point and then always saying a quote which saw that says it’s really boring to read so explicit so instead you can embed it for example let us further explore it when the writer asks what passing bills for thee to die as cattle as he describes them as cattle and notice how have inverted the word have inserted the word and speech marks there from the court into my narrative again it reads more mature and elijah 82 floor and i’ll help you get marks for your structure ok so just what all you need to do is obviously make sure that you understand everything in here if you don’t obviously ask me in class or break or lunch time and make sure that you don’t make the same errors again in your next AC is absolutely fine to make errors it’s brilliant rima care that you make errors but you do have to also make sure that you learn from them and that you improve everything

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